Public Safety

Senator Miller has spent his life helping to protect other people. As the oldest of ten children, he was always responsible for looking out for his younger siblings. As the father of five and grandfather of fourteen, he continues to be work to keep our streets safe for our families. He has been a vigilant defender of victim’s rights; supporting efforts to crack down on child abuse, possession of child pornography, and drunk driving.

Senator Miller believes protecting our children from predators should be a top priority for Maryland’s law enforcement community. That’s why he voted to create Maryland’s sex offender registry, an online tool that allows anyone to find out if they have a sexual predator living in their community. He also championed “Jessica’s Law,” which requires mandatory minimum prison sentences for sex offenders who prey on children. Knowing that crime has changed with the advent of technology, he supported increased penalties for cyberbulling and online crimes.

Recognizing that seniors face unique challenges, Senator Miller supported efforts to protect at-risk seniors. He voted for tough measures to protect seniors against financial scams. He also supported the creation of a Silver Alert program. Like the Amber Alert, which issues a public warning when a child goes missing, the Silver Alert program is designed to get information out to the public when a vulnerable senior goes missing.

Senator Miller has worked to make our criminal justice system more just for all Marylanders.  In 2014, he voted to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.  In 2016 he led the fight for the Justice Reinvestment Act, which updated sentencing guidelines in Maryland with the goal of stemming the tide on mass incarceration – including reduced mandatory minimum sentences for minor crimes, and treatment instead of incarceration for those addicted.