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Get on Senator Miller Kids’ Bus to ride to the Maryland Kids’ space.

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All About Maryland
Department of Natural Resources Kids’ Page
Judiciary Education Page
Maryland Kids’ Page
Maryland Public Television KidWorks
Office of Tourism Kids’ Corner
Sailor Kids’ Page
Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government Learn more about the U.S. government with your host, Ben Franklin. There are lots of neat facts and fun quizzes!
NASA SpaceKids Ever wonder what it would be like to be an astronaut? At NASA Spacekids, you can tour the solar system, explore Mars, learn about the sun, and look at real pictures of outer space!
CIA Home Page for Kids Think the CIA is a bunch of spies? Think again! Meet Bo, a member of the Canine Corps, Harry Recon, an Aerial Reconnaissance Pigeon, and play Break the Code.
FBI Kids At FBI Kids, you can meet Darrell and Shirley, two bomb sniffing dogs, play Special Agent Undercover and help Bobby Bureau perfect his disguise, and learn more about the Junior Special Agent program!
The Democracy Project Become President for a day, learn why it’s important to vote, get your own Future Voters Card and find out what the government does for you!