K-12 Education

Senator Miller comes from a family of educators. His mother was a teacher, his sisters taught in our public schools, and his daughter works in the Anne Arundel County public school system. He knows firsthand the importance of good teachers, and the impact of a good public education. Under Senator Miller’s leadership, the State has made K – 12 public education its top priority.

Last year the State spent over $6.4 billion on our public schools. Coupled with the hard work of students, parents, teachers and administrators, our investments led to Maryland’s public schools being recognized as the best in the nation for five successive years from 2009-2013.

In 2002, he fought to enact the landmark “Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act”, often referred to as the Thornton Act. This spurred the State’s record investment in public schools, which has helped improve student test scores, close the achievement gap, and provide generous pay raises for teachers. Senator Miller supported legislation in 2017 that limits the amount of time that students and teachers must spend preparing for standardized tests, allowing teachers more time to teach their students. Senator Miller knows that children that enter a learning environment earlier in life have better educational outcomes, which is why he supports universal pre-kindergarten for all of Maryland’s children, and was a strong supporter of legislation in the 2018 Legislation Session to provide for a degree without debt – tuition free community college to all Maryland High School graduates.

In 2017, under Senator Miller’s leadership, the state began a new process to ensure that our state is meeting our Constitutional obligation to an adequate education. Senator Miller appointed former University of Maryland Chancellor Brit Kirwan to lead this charge, and Senator Miller has supported the interim recommendations of the Kirwan Commission thus far. He looks forward to the work ahead to increase school funding to ensure we have the best teachers providing our students with the best education in the best environment.

With more money flowing into the state through casinos, Senator Miller recognizes that we must do more to ensure that funds that enter the Education Trust Fund are used to enhance education funding. To this end, he voted for a state Constitutional Amendment to ensure that money that comes into the state goes directly to education funding.